Lead Tracking Process for Small and Medium Businesses

Lead Tracking Process has been greatly simplified by the sale lead tracking software systems such as LeadPro 24|7. However, understanding the underlying principles and procedures in the sales lead tracking tool will help leverage the features to improve the effectiveness of sales people and result in improved lead conversion rates. Also, certain actions might result in spamming complaints and unwanted telephone calls and communications if the automated work flow is not planned and implemented properly.

Lead Tracking Process Chart

The following chart shows a high level overview of the lead tracking process using LeadPro 24|7 Lead Management System. The chart provides an overall representation of the process and not an all inclusive blueprint.

Lead Tracking Process Chart - LeadPro 24|7

For example, only online lead generation sources such as search engines are represented in the picture. However you can import the leads from external data files or enter the leads manually as the prospects call into the marketing center. The lead tracking systems can be used to track and manage web leads, internet leads, email leads, telephone leads, trade show leads, magazine / print media leads, etc.

Similarly, the usage of online surveys module is not shown here though it is part of the nurturing and prospect engagement process.

Manual Tracking

It is essential to include all manual tracking activities in the lead tracking system. For example, when a sales rep contacts the prospect and the prospect informs her that he would be interested in the product or service after six months, this feedback should be updated in the lead profile along with a note. A reminder activity also could also be entered so that the sale rep can contact and follow up with the prospect at an appropriate time in future.

Sales Territory Management in Sales Lead Tracking System

Sales Territory management is a required and important function if you have more than one person in the sales team. It is essential that the sales leads received from one or more lead sources should be assigned (or routed or distributed) to the sales agents in real time, so that they can contact the prospects via phone or email. Depending on your industry and business, you will be using some sort of sales territory definition for the sales team.

Sales Territory Definition

Sales territory units could vary with the nature and size of business we well as the sales management practice. For some organizations, the assigning a geography could be very easy. For example, if you have sales representative for each state / province, the it is straight forward and simple. Also, a sales agent might have more than one state in their sales territory.

However, sales territory definition may not be as simple in all scenarios. You might have to go the level of County, Partial Zip code (3 digits) or even to the exact Zip codes. There are about 70,000 zip codes in US. Imagine assigning and maintaining the definition on a regular basis.

Most web based sales lead tracking systems provide some level of sales territory management features. For instance, in LeadPro Lead Tracking System, the following geographical units can be used to defined the sale territory.

Sales Organization Structure

While defining the sales territory, sales organization structure should also be taken into account. For example, the entire country could be split into four different sales region and each region might have multiple sales reps. In such cases, sales territory is always defined at the sales rep level; then each sales rep will as assigned to the sales region.

Generally, two levels of sales organization should be enough for most small and medium sized businesses.

Once the sales organization structure and sale territory are defined in the system, then automatic lead assignment rules can be setup. Sales reps can also be alerted via real time email alerts when new leads are received from their territory and assigned to them.

Inbound Marketing and Sales Lead Tracking

Inbound Marketing and Sales Lead Tracking are two critical components of marketing and lead conversion for businesses in today’s Internet centric world. Traditional outbound marketing (also known as interruption marketing) channels do not work anymore in the online, social media driven information age.

Why Inbound Marketing

Traditional marketing communication channels such as yellow pages, newspapers, print magazines, local radio and television are quickly losing steam, especially for small and medium businesses. Online lead generation methods such as Web 2.0, Paid search (ex. Google Adwords), Organic search (SEO), Social media and online PR is replacing the old channels. The inbound marketing methods help drive the consumers and prospects to the online lead capture sources.

Online Lead Capture

Sales leads are captured online using website landing pages, registration web forms, webinar registrations, whitepaper requests, free trial signups, etc. Sales Lead Tracking Software systems such as LeadPro247 helps to automate the lead capture processes, so that lead followup and tracking procedures can be expedited.

Unlike traditional lead generation methods, in the inbound marketing world, the response time is very critical to increase the lead conversion rates. Automated lead capture and aggregation in a central database by the lead tracking system saves lot of time and manual efforts.

Sale Lead Followup

The lead management system can be used to nurture the leads by sending automated drip email messages and followup sequences. The follow up details, reminders and notes can be captured in the system for further followup and sales efforts.

It is inevitable that inbound marketing produces more leads than manual / traditional marketing means. As a result, more followup and tracking efforts are to be invested on the sales lead conversion process. The automated sales lead tracking software comes to the aid of business owners and online marketers.

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